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The Shape of Absence

The Shape of Absence is a new chapbook by Minneapolis-based artists Tom Beck and Kristin Paulson.


An absence lurks at the heart of this collection of twenty-one poems and illustrations. Part meditation on time and seasons — the subtle shifting from day to day, the agonizingly slow pace of change — and part a measured search for the elusive words for grief, this collection explores the shapes, sounds, and textures of loss.

This unique collection combines formal and free verse poems, long and short, each complemented by a beautiful, custom painting.


"A magical collection. Uniquely fantastic and full of feeling."

- Eden Bradshaw-Kaiser


Tom Beck is a Minneapolis-based poet. His first chapbook, The Shape of Absence, comes out May 17, 2022. His work has appeared in RibbonsTrain River, Flash Flood, and elsewhere.


When he’s not writing, he likes to explore the parks and rivers near the Twin Cities with his wife and two cockapoos. He is currently experimenting with writing electronic literature using the GPT-3 artificial intelligence algorithm.


Follow him on Instagram to see his newest work: @tombeckwrites.


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